Just twenty years ago a group parents of sailors and coaches dreamed and fulfilled their dream: to create a private structure open for both side of the country, the north and to the south, outside the federations. It was a challenge, but we did it!

We started with Optimist-420-lasers-

In the beginning we only had young francophones and a little by little young Dutch speakers came to join us, always in a friendly atmosphere our teams became bilingual. 

Over the years the 420 in Belgium have been supplanted by lasers. 

Go sailing was created and we developed, and, beyond our expectations, Dutch and French sailors joined us from where our name Go sailing European Team.

The sailors of our teams have often made podiums, most of them continue to sail including at the top level, around the world, Talent Team 

Françoise Lagneau

20 Years Go Sailing European Team

Go Sailing in